Pie Hard

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This game was made for the third IGI game jam(THE SUMMER JAM). It was an on location game jam at the University of Reykjavík. I couldn’t find a team, so I participated alone.

The theme was Grow.

In this game, you play as either a red box or a blue box. You run around a little area and throw pies at the other player. If you hit the other player with a pie. He gets bigger. Two hits and he is out. But. That’s if he does not move around. If a player gets bigger, he can run around and avoid getting hit with pies to get smaller again and then he can survive more hits. Each round is very short, but it’s very easy to start playing again.

You need two controllers and a friend to play.

You move around with the left analog stick. Strafe by holding down the R1 button. And you throw pies with the Square button (PlayStation) or X button (Xbox).


  • Force feed your friends with pies.
  • Seek cover behind scattered tables.
  • Be the better pie throwing machine.
  • Slow motion explosions.