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Sautjandi November is a game I developed for the Icelandic musician Emmsjé Gauti for his upcoming album and release party. In the game, you play as Emmsjé Gauti, and you have to get through downtown Reykjavík to the venue where he is going to perform.

There are many dangerous obstacles on his way there, so you have to watch out for drunk people and tables covered in alcohol bottles.

I didn’t expect the game to become as popular as it did, but it was a pleasant surprise. In the first 12 hours, the game had reached 13 thousand individual players, and by the second day, it was over 22 thousand. Which is not bad, considering that it was just for an Icelandic market and our population is only 320 thousand.

The game was launched online, but we also made a second version for the local arcade, where fans of Gauti could come and play the game. The arcade version included a high score table.


  • Play as a little pixel art Emmsjé Gauti.
  • Avoid drunk people and tables of alcohol.
  • Listen to original 8-bit music.


Selected Articles

"Game in the style of classic video games from the late 80s early 90s and music from Gauti has been converted to the appropriate form and can be heard throughout the game." - Vísir
"Gauti gave the nation an insanely hard video game." - Vísir
"This is obviously a fun-filled way to bring attention to the upcoming release party and make the wait go by faster." - Pressan


Skuli Oskarsson (Goose Ninja)
Production, Design, Programming and Artist
Arna Beth
Cutscene Artist
Ingi Már Úlfarsson
Music, SFX, Sound Design and Logo (Pixel Art)
Gauti Þeyr Másson (Emmsjé Gauti)
Geoffrey Skywalker